Dimitris Tzahanis

Vedanta Aspioti is an example of a therapist that skillfully combines both the educational and theoretical aspects with the actual practice of therapy. She is proficient in psychoanalytic theories of development, Object Relations as well as other contemporary psychotherapeutic theories. At the same time, she combines somatic methods (Bioenergetics, Bodynamic and others) with the wider perspective of transpersonal psychology (the Diamond Logos Work), so as to include all the dimensions of human existence (physical, psychological, spiritual and existential).

Vedanta is distinguished by her powerful healing presence and knows how to maintain the delicate balance between providing support and confrontation when appropriate. In my training with her I have gained much on both a professional level, from the perspective of learning effective techniques and the correct therapeutic stance, and on a personal level from her deep, accurate and truly compassionate therapeutic interventions.

Margarita Tarana Tzetzou

My motivation is curiosity and knowledge my passion, so I knew I found a treasure when I was introduced to Vedanta and her work, The Power of Light. Vedanta creates an environment which inspires trust, safety, empathy, acceptance and much more. Having this vital foundation allows one to really dig, discharge & battle with powerful issues. The work is constant and by no means easy but the support and the inner realizations make it so worthwhile. In the Power of Light work, Vedanta provides through her experience and insight, the tools for each unique individual to delve into recesses of mind, body and soul enabling the emergence of a truly beautiful gift - the discovery of one's true self.