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This training teaches the art of channeling as well as ancient secrets and techniques of energy work. It reveals different ways of living and working with intuition. This work opens the gate to a new dimension of psychic sensitivity. It is an exciting journey into the inner world, a unique experience that supports us to come in contact with the flow of life and invite positive energies into our lives.

At the same time, it’s a deeply grounding experience into reality. It helps us to understand and locate habitual patterns of our personality and old wounds. As we heal these wounds in a loving atmosphere that provides constancy and presence of Being, we transform. In this way, we remove the old blockages created by our defenses and we align with our True Self.

In this training, we learn the art of channeling and energy work, while, at the same time, we go through a self-transformative process. We recognize and understand the deeper background of our daily problems. In channeling sessions, we learn to share our experiences with others and enter into a space where we can melt with the Whole.

The Power of Light Training is an invitation to the old “witches” and “wizards”, to all who love to experiment. It is meant for those who already have some experience as well as for those who are ready and willing to discover their intuitive abilities.

Furthermore, this training is an opportunity for people who already work in the areas of psychology, bodywork, communication and metaphysics, to tune into a new level of psychic sensitivity and intuition.

The training consists of four parts. Each part is complete in itself and a preparation for the next one. The four parts can be booked separately. However, it is recommended to participate in the whole training, as it is an ongoing and intensive process that provides a therapeutic environment with continuity, constancy and presence.

The work includes meditation, bodywork, psychotherapy, men-women work, trauma work, learning, channeling, psychic and metaphysical-alchemical process, Essence work,etc