structure of the selfNew book from Vedanta:


The Structure of the Self: Psychological and Essential

Dimensions of the Complete Human Being

Conscience is the fire that motivates us to integrate the disparate parts of the Self into a unified whole. We are all born with an innate structure that seeks to be met with bonding, safeguarding, true mirroring and guidance from our parental figures. The lack of these qualities in our family atmosphere leads to distortions in our conscience and deficiencies in both our Psychological and Essential structure.

The Structure of the Self is an in-depth look at the anatomy of the Soul from the perspective of conscience. Vedanta Aspioti calls upon her rich experience in working with people towards the awareness, expression and integration of their Essence for the past 30 years to bring to the reader a map of the terrain of our inner world and a compass to guide us toward the path of true healing and integration.

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