The Orgasmic Reflex Series

Οργασμικό reflex

The orgasmic reflex

A never-ending play of Red and Golden Essence, charge and discharge, the wave of life. Like the breath, breathing in breathing out, the buildup and discharge after the crescendo, like the orgasm. This reflex of life is innate in every living being, in everything that is alive. The whole universe dances to this pulse. This is Life itself. It is what brings us autonomic regulation and true autonomy.


The orgasmic reflex and the snake as the symbol of Kundalini
In many ancient traditions the snake is a symbol that represents energy. The orgasmic reflex is pictured as a play between Red and Golden Essence that becomes the snake of energy, Kundalini or libido as it is called in the west. This is the energetic layer in the human system.


The orgasmic reflex and the Kundalini snake vitalizing the human system
The orgasmic reflex, the reflex of life itself, becomes the snake of energy that climbs the spine of the man, bringing aliveness to his entire system. Energy is irrigating the spine, starting from the sacrum and moving up.


The orgasmic reflex, the snake of Kundalini energy and the Yoni Lingam, the symbol of sacred sexuality and fertility
The Yoni Lingam is a symbol in the Hindu tradition and depicts the sacredness of the male -female polarity that creates life. Here we see the orgasmic reflex of the Red and Golden Essence and the snake of the Kundalini enlivening the sacred union of male and female.


The orgasmic reflex connecting all aspects of the human being
We see many layers in the functioning of the human being. One way to see this is dividing the human into the psychological, the energetic and the Essential layers, which constantly interact with each other. When we are wounded psychologically, we shrink energetically and our energy level diminishes. This has an effect on our connection to our Essence. Often we disconnect from Essence depending on the severity of our psychological wounding and how contracted we are energetically. In this painting we see the orgasmic reflex connecting all aspects of the human being. The temple- the Tibetan Stupa - symbolizes the Essential and utterly sacred aspect of human existence.