The following people have been trained with Vedanta and they are certified, as facilitators of the Power of Light Work, to teach groups and offer individual sessions.


Ravi Pagnamenta

He was born in 1968 in Geneve, Switzerland. In his teenage years, he was a professional boxer. He studied music all over the world and became a professional musician. For the last twenty years, he is working as a percussionist, playing with different bands and participating in various musical projects (theatre, recordings, etc.) in Germany and other countries all over Europe.

At the age of twelve years old, Ravi came in touch with the mystic Osho and become his disciple in 1987, at the age of eighteen. For a decade, he had been visiting the Osho Multiversity in Poona, where he learned meditation and participated in intensive self-exploration processes and therapy.

Ravi is trained and works as a bodyworker (Rebalancing, Bionenergetics, Breath), color-puncturist (Peter Mandel), healer and therapist.
His musical passion and training as well as his interest into meditation and religion, led him to Cuba, where he got initiated in the Afro-Cuban religion.

He connected with Vedanta in 1992 and a rich meeting took place. They were partners for six years. During that time, in 1996, Vedanta had an airplane crash in Australia and Ravi contributed greately into her healing.

Ravi and Vedanta created and lead different parts of the Power of Light Training together. They do rituals and initiations, practice shamanism and ancient healing techniques and work harmoniously together as therapists in groups, where they embody the male and female prinicple. Their deepest focus is the passion for life, reawakening the life energy, men-women issues, etc. All those years, Vedanta and Ravi have maintained a precious friendship.

Ravi is also being trained with Vedanta in the Diamond Logos Work and this has become part of his life.

Since 2003, he is a father of a beautiful daughter.



Christina Poulaki

She was born in 1967 in Athens, Greece. In her early age, she has been an athlete and later on she studied graphic design and arts. She worked many years in the sector of graphic arts, until 2005, when she decided to change her orientation in life and turned her focus towards the therapeutic inner process.
She started working on herself with Vedanta and at the same time to study the human body and the human potential through the approach of the Chinese Medicine. She is specially trained in Diagnosis, Pathology, I-Qing, Herbs and Therapeutic Nutrition.

She became a disciple of Osho in 2005.

She is a student of Vedanta since 2005. She has been her main assistant for many years. She has completed the three years Power of Light Training and for the last two years she is in the Fourth Grade Education of the Therapist Training, deepening her knowledge and receiving supervision. She is also in training in the Essence Work.
She studied Primal and Inner Child Work with Vedanta and is a certified therapist from the Power of Light Institute.
Since 2007, she is working as a therapist, offering private sessions and leading groups.

In her work, she is particularly interested in finding the energetic balance within the human being. She focuses on how the emotions and feelings are influencing both body and psyche. The highlight of her approach is to support people to reconnect with the love for life and to comfort the human pain.



Indira Kelly Spyropoulou

She was born in 1976 in Athens, Greece. She studied business management and worked in the field of marketing for 12 years.

She is a student of Vedanta since 2003. She has completed the three years Power of Light Training and for the last two years she is in the Fourth Grade Education of the Therapist Training, deepening her knowledge and receiving supervision. She is also in training in the Essence Work.
Indira studied Primal and Inner Child Work with Vedanta and is a certified therapist from the Power of Light Institute.

Since 2005, she is working as an alternative psychotherapist offering private sessions and groups.

In 2004, she became a disciple of Osho.

In her work, she brings her own approach of intuition and energy work as well as her personal creativity. She also loves to work with the Essence.

She got married in 2009.



Nikolaos Aris Athanassakis

Nikolaos Aris Athanassakis

Nikolaos was born in 1974 in Santa Barbara, California and lived his early years between Santa Barbara and Rethimnon, Crete. He played basketball at the university level in the US and briefly played professionally in Greece. He also worked as a manager for professional basketball players in Europe and the US for several years.

Nikolaos has a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in California, and has worked as a counselor for children with disabilities at a private institution and at a junior high school, both in California.

He now lives in Athens, Greece and has been training with Vedanta since 2012, shifting his orientation to working with adults. He is an Essence teacher in training in the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece and a facilitator in the Power of Light Institute. He works as an individual and group therapist, specializing in working with the Inner Child, Bioenergetics and Essence work. He also has an affinity for archetypal dream work and Ancient Greek mythology and philosophy. Nikolaos is also an assistant and main collaborator with Vedanta in the translation, compilation and editing of her written work.

His passion and orientation is toward experiencing Essence at the body level, grounding and blending the celestial with the worldly to manifest the magic of everyday life, remembering our divine heritage as children of the earth and of the starry sky.

Nikolaos offers sessions in:
Working with the inner child
Bioenergetics and Essence



Alexandros Kostis

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1983 and grew up in Greece. After his initial studies in musical instrument making and music technology, he focused on practicing various traditional physical and spiritual practices such as Capoeira, Tensegrity, Qi Qong. This led him to study the art of massage in 2009, which became his profession since that time. He has been trained in various kinds of somatic therapies and bodywork such as Thai Massage, Craniosacral therapy, Acupuncture and others, in Greece and in other countries, in order to enrich his understanding and practice regarding the body, cultivating consciousness and well-being in the body.

Since 2009 he has been training continuously with Vedanta in the Power of Light Institute in dealing with primal issues, childhood work and healing the psychological traumas of childhood, body-oriented psychotherapy, counseling and Essence Work. He is also training as an Essence teacher in the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece and as a facilitator in the Power of Light Institute.

Since 2013 he offers individual sessions and groups on healing childhood trauma combined with Essence work and body-oriented psychotherapy.

Since he was very young he is interested in life closer to nature and how to create a healthier education and community life. He has been studying Permaculture and in his free time he is applying its principles on gardening and sustainable ways of living. Apart from facilitating the psychological and physical healing of individuals, he is also focused on offering the insightful work of healing the trauma of childhood and Essence Work to groups of people who are interested in building communities, with the intention to help them overcome issues that might stop them from manifesting their inner gifts for the higher purpose.



Melpo Bhakti Kosti

had a successful career as a stage, film and television actress for over 20 years. Some personal struggles with health in her own life prompted her to explore the world of alternative therapies. She has studied acupuncture, reflexology, Chinese herbal medicine and holistic full body massage at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens and she is a certified therapist and practices Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shortly before entering the path of Chinese Medicine, In 2007 a turn of events in her life propelled her to begin inner work and psychotherapy with Vedanta. On her path of inner exploration she took Osho Sannyas and was given her name Bhakti. She has been in the teacher training with Vedanta since 2012, working on and being trained in the psychological trauma of childhood, body - oriented psychotherapy, couple work, counselling and Essence Work. Along with her experience in the world of Chinese medicine and her ability to see clearly and make the connections between different traditions, Melpo is currently exploring the synthesis of acupuncture and meridians theory with the Essence work.

In Chinese Medicine, the definition of perfect health is the balance of energy in the human body. Disease and the absence of well-being are attributed to the imbalance of energy and Essence. Melpo is dedicated to facilitating the healing of others, bringing balance in body and psyche and transmitting her life experience that all personal difficulties are an opportunity for growth, knowledge and awareness.